egging your pardon, ladies and gents, but this is Sam Gamgee  once more, here to tell you about my beloved master, Frodo Baggins -- as fine a Hobbit as ever walked Middle Earth, and that's a fact -- except maybe for old Mr. Bilbo, but that's another story for another day.
Who could ever be a more tragic hero than Frodo Baggins?  This is how I first pictured him, during his quiet Bag End days, before I saw him in the movie.  But I still like both versions very much
This handsome lad is an actor named Elijah Wood, and about as fine a Mister Frodo as I could ask for, short o' the real thing, o' course.   He looks ascared most of the time -- but then, so did the real Mister Frodo.  I'd say this lad is almost perfect in the role, and i can't think of no one better.  He is full of sweetness and joy and courage, and that was Mister Frodo Baggins!
Frodo's Words of Wit and Wisdom
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Y'see, Mr. Frodo was an only child, which ain't right for a Hobbit noways.  Then he was orphaned when he was young, when his mum and dad drownded in a boatin' accident.  That was such an awful shame!  And then soon after, his Uncle Bilbo from Hobbiton adopted him, bringing him home to live at Bag End.  They had many jolly times together, I can tell you.  But Mister Bilbo left him a lot more than just a Hole and some money, he left him the terrible One Ring of the Enemy in Mordor!

This weren't just a plain magic ring like Mr. Bilbo thought -- it was evil and rotten to the core, like a bad apple laid over from last year's harvest.  Anyone who wore it could become as evil as the Enemy hisself.  Some folks, like poor Mr. Boromir, had only to see it from a distance and want it bad enough to almost lose his wits over it.  Worse'n that!  Old Saruman the Wizard only read about it and studied it, and he wanted the Ring in the worst possible way!   Not even Gandalf or Lord Elrond or the Lady Galadriel would touch it for fear of it. 

But M. Frodo -- he had it and he even wore it.  But it never turned him bad, even though he suffered terribly because of it.  He just knew one ting: he had to destroy it, even if it meant having to destroy hisself to get to the top of that ugly, firey mountain.  No Hobbit was ever braver.   I hate it when all those folks tell me how much braver I was, carrying it for him for a while and fighting in the towers to save him, but it weren't me who carried that hideous ring all over Middle Earth  to be chased by Orcs and Trolls and Uruks and Black Riders and every other monstrous thing of the Enemy's that I can think of, not the least of 'em being that slimy Gollum.  No sir -- it weren't Sam who did them things, it was Mr. Frodo!

When we came back from all our travels, and Mr. Pippin and Mr. Merry routed Saruman and his ruffians outta the Shire, no one bothere to thank poor Mister Frodo at all for all he had done to save everyone.  Not just the Shire, but the whole of Middle Earth.  He would have ended his days lonely and neglected if it wasn't for me and m family there to take care of him. And when he got to sick from all his wounds and the scars from the Ring, he packed up his bags and joined the elves to leave Middle Earth.  Wherever he is, bless him, I hope he's happy.  I'm sure he is.  They say it's a wonderful place, across the sea with the Elves and Gandalf and Old Mr. Bilbo.

I suppose one day I shall have to follow them, myself.  The Ring makes that necessary, don't it?"
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